The Coatesville Area Public Library provides information, programming and technology to the residents of the Coatesville area that promote literacy, build community and enrich lives.


Coatesville Area Public Library seeks to build an informed and engaged community by connecting people with information, ideas and each other.


     Message from our Former Director, Penny Williams           

Books are just the beginning!  In the 21st century, while information availability is abundant, we need a place to collect accurate information, connect to others, and collaborate with our community. The Coatesville Area Public Library is that place. Not only that, but it is also a neutral space that welcomes everyone and it exists to promote personal growth and community pride. 

Our highly qualified staff demonstrates acceptance. From the moment a patron steps through the doors, the staff is there to accept them with a “Hello!” and a “Welcome! How are you today?” You feel wanted. You feel accepted – the library is for everyone.

Not only do we provide materials for our community, our public computers are used every day. In 2017, they were used 53,660 hours, or over 4,000 hours a month to help someone find a job, a place to live or to just stay informed. The children play games, do homework and learn with educational websites available on the public computers.

We are proud of our community and we are proud of our public library and its 140 year history.  Our staff, volunteers, and donors come together to assist us in our vision to provide a new and improved library. Our entire community benefits from this and shows that the library is a vibrant and exciting community center. We are not just surviving in this technological, fast-paced world, but we are thriving!

I encourage you to come visit with us and see us in action. You will be greeted with warmth by people who work every day to make our community stronger and better.

Penny Williams, MSLS, Former Director

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501 Lincoln Highway
Coatesville, PA 19320